How To Finger A Woman

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The Best Way To Finger A Woman

Posted by Mike

Hi Mike here again, hope you’re doing ok!

I’ve got a little bit more advice for you. Do you want to know the best way to finger a woman? I mean a method that’s really gonna make her cum like crazy?

Of course you do! Well, i’ve tried out loads of fingering techniques on girls in the past and there is definately one that most girls love. A squirting orgasm!

In case you don’t know, girls can actually squirt or ejacualte clear pussy juices if you finger them in a certain way. It’s a really powerful orgasm for them and most girls really enjoy it…A LOT!

In my experience, only a few girls i’ve been with have had a powerful squirting orgasm before. Not many guys know how to finger a girl to make her squirt, but if you know the secrets and do it right she’ll want to hook up with you all the time!

So, how do you give a girl a squirting orgasm? Ok, it’s not straight forward. If it was easy then every guy would be able to do it. But you want to be the guy that knows how so he can drive a girl over the edge with pleasure right?! I know I did!

I learned how to do it from a guy called Jason Julius. He seems like an ok guy and he gave me a free video to get me started (click here if you want to check out the free video). I tried a few different courses like ‘super sex’ (DON’T waste your money on this…it’s crap!), but Jasons’ course has been the best by far – loads of good info, and the videos show everything you need to know.

Just get the free video from him and you can decide if you want his whole course for yourself. I got it and loved it.

How To Finger A Woman – Learn Now!

Posted by Mike

Learning how to finger a woman properly is an absolute must! If you don’t know how to touch a woman with your fingers and bring her to orgasm, she’s probably not going to want to see you again, or it’ll just be a really embarassing situation to be in.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you are doing when you’re with a woman, she’ll be thinking “let’s just get this over with so I can get outta here”. I should know ‘cos I didn’t always know what I was doing either. Now I can finger woman like a champ!

In fact, if you can get good at fingering, some women will be hooked on you. I’ve had a woman who hadn’t ever been with a guy who touched her like I did, she wouldn’t stop calling me! lol.

What I did to learn how to finger a woman was watching training videos. Yep, there are actually some training videos out there that show you EXACTLY how to do it right. I learned probably the best way to finger a woman by watching these videos.

You can click here to watch one of the videos for free. They’re by a guy called Jason who seems pretty cool, I ended up getting his whole course on fingering technique. The stuff I learned about touching a womans’ clitoris was really good, but my favourite part was about making a girl squirt.

If you get his course is up to you, I got a lot from it. I’d still recommend watching his free video though ‘cos there’s some excellent info in it.

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